In 1992, Jean-Pierre CUA created EPSILON in Madagascar. He is now the company’s general manager whereas his son; Olivier CUA holds the position of the chief executive officer and since 2024, Maxime Cua, his grandson, has joined the general management team.

Along with our partners, we develop and manufacture workwears, sportswears and children garments to the European market.

Epsilon employs over 2400 people gathered in an area of 30 000 m² in Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar.

équipe dirigeante entreprise epsilon

Having 66 production lines, added with its more than 32 years acknowledged expertise and the Lean manufacturing implementation, Epsilon now produces  2 000 000 pieces annually, with strong value-added, ensuring quality, validated by award of ISO certification and the respect of lead time.

A high corporate social responsibility and a greater involvement in environmental concerns are two central areas of our development strategy.

  • Setting up with 160 workers in a premise of 600 m2 and an activity based on knitted and woven fabrics.
  • EPSILON now focuses on woven fabric.
  • Expansion of the factory spread over 4 sites of production with 600 workers.
  • Combined under a single production site at Andranotapahina.
  • At the request of its client DECATHLON, LEAN implementation and doubling of its workforce.
  • Our client CEPOVETT has become managing partner
  • Developments in the technology and production of waterproof clothing and the award of the Organic Content Standard (OCS) and Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) labels.
  • Technical developments and production of waterproof clothing with a workforce of over 2,000.
  • Expansion of the plant with the construction of a new building and Global Recycle Standard (GRS) certification
  • Formalisation of the CSR approach in accordance with ISO 26000 and signature of the updated CSR policy

As a leading manufacturer of technical workwear, we are continuing to develop ever more complex, top-of-the-range products. We are particularly attentive to our customers' needs, focusing on 3 key areas: quality, service and responsiveness.

We are always committed to an eco-responsible approach, both in our investments and in all our processes.

To meet these challenges, people are at the heart of the company's development.


Epsilon is committed to producing ever more complex, top-of-the-range technical garments on time, in a sustainable and responsible manner, using an eco-responsible approach that complies with the most demanding standards, while respecting quality, customer service and responsiveness.

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