Revalorization is essential to decrease our impacts on the ecosystem. We roll out ethical process supporting our production; we daily measure the benefits of our program on the global quality, either in economic, social, or environmental plan.
EPSILON is among those enterprises which work tirelessly for the sustainable development approach.


csr decent work and economic growth
csr responsible consumption and production

Suppliers of bags and yarn cones of the company Recy-pm

EPSILON, since 2018, provides a company named Recy-pm with waste in bags and yarn cones to produce clothes pegs, candlesticks, statuettes, etc.

csr decent work and economic growth
csr responsible consumption and production

Suppliers of strips for mat and basket making

EPSILON provides an artisan with strips waste to make mats and baskets.

csr eradication of poverty

Decent wages: higher than minimum wages

  • A specific salary grid rate plus 8% compared to the State’s grid with an increase up to 10% since 3 years.
  • A production monthly premium, an annual bonus and some merit bonus

Membership of the CNAPS

  • The entire workforces are enrolled at Cnaps (caisse de prévoyance sociale) and are contributors at Ostie (Organisme de Santé Tananarivienne Inter-Entreprise).
csr eradication of poverty
csr peace justice and effective institutions

EPSILON Charter: anti-corruption

We, Epsilon and our stakeholders, have non-corruption policy and we are committed not to compromise ourselves in any form of corruption.

csr zero hunger


Special COVID-19 : Donation of 100,000 masks, 500 gowns and 500 vests to the Government of Madagascar

Rice donations to NGO Philadelphia

EPSILON redistributes clean rice leftover from the canteen. Thanks to it, some families enjoy saving money.  “I am happy to be able to witness and thank Epsilon. With the rice, I could save money and build my house where I am living now. I was also able to rear little pigs and resell them at the highest price.”

Mrs RASOA, beneficiary of the rice redistribution.

Others donations :

  • Donations of work clothes to the employees of the Rural Commune of Talatamaty and donations of rice on every national holiday
  • Donation of clothes in November 2019
  • Donations of 100,000,000 Ariary for the Christmas 2019 celebrations of the children of Akamasoa
  • The NGO Fanatenane: founded in 1996, works for twin children abandoned by custom and motherless children in Mananjary in the Vatovavy-Fitovinany region. This NGO created a Medical and Social Centre (CMS) "Marie Christelle" in 2001, which educates and cares for the children in its care. EPSILON has provided work clothes for the staff of this Social and Medical Centre
csr good health and well-being
csr zero hunger

Provide 2 daily meals for our employees and redistribute the leftover to an NGO

A breakfast and a lunch per day are served to each worker.Average daily consumption :

  • 450 Kg of white rice
  • 230 Kg of meat
  • 220 Kg of leafy greens
  • 25 L of oil
  • 60 Kg of sugar
  • 1200 pieces of bread
  • 90 bags of 90g of coffee
csr good health and well-being

Access to medical care for employees and their families by being a member at OSTIE

    • Epsilon has within the factory itself a care unit composed of two doctors, a nurse, a pharmacist, a dentist and a midwife belonging to the OSTIE to closely keep track of the employees’health
    • The entire workforce are enrolled and contributors at Ostie (Organisme de Santé Tananarivienne Inter-Entreprise).
    • Raising awareness in family planning by PSI in collaboration with OSTIE
    •  Close to the services and production lines, medicine boxes are made available to employees with a dedicated manager for first aid care
csr good health and well-being

EPSILON Charter: hygiene and security

We, Epsilon and our stakeholders, offer a safe and hygienic workplace environment, and encourage safety and hygiene practices that prevent accidents and injuries. It involves the protection against the risks of fires, the risks of accidents and toxic substances. The lighting, the heating and the ventilation system are adequate. Training about hygiene and safety is available.

When the employees dwell within the company premises, the same standards are applied in the accommodation venues.

csr good health and well-being

Sports gym made available to the Staff

A sports room available to the staff with Zumba sessions, ballroom, dancing lessons, Tae bo. A group session for the remaining staff every month.

csr quality education

Provides a foot-ball playground for the physical and sports education of the public high school of Talatamaty

csr quality education

Factory visit for schools

  • ISCAM, Center of professional formation AMBOHIDRATRIMO
  • Center of professional formation MANAZARY SOAVINANDRIANA
  • French high school
  • The primary French school of Ampandrianomby (EPF « B ») visited our factory since 2017 and their visits have always been followed by a reforestation within the premises of Epsilon. The visit’s objective is to learn about the overall functioning of a clothing firm, to know more about the different professions and to see clearly the professional world reality.
  • The Alliance Française of Antsahabe also visited our factory in March 2018.
csr quality education

Gowns donation to the children of the AKAMASOA Association

The AKAMASOA Association founded by Father Pedro has been fighting against poverty in Madagascar for 30 years. Today, about 15,000 children study there, 25,000 people are housed there, 60% do not have their father. Akamasoa is currently spread over 6 sites throughout Madagascar: Andralanitra et Antolojanahary(Antananarivo) – Fianarantsoa – Ranomafana – Vangaindrano – Morondava

Epsilon is supplying their gown needs for the school year. Rolls of fabric, coupons were also offered for the sewing workshop (making curtains for the establishments, tablecloths and various household linens...).

csr quality education

Gowns donation to the pupils of the public primary school (EPP) of Ambohinanjakana

Situated in the rural Commune of Iarinarivo at 7km from Ambohidratrimo, this school had 263 pupils from kindergarten to CM2 in 2016/2017. It comprises the children of 4 Fokontany, among the poorest in the Commune; the parents are essentially daily laborers working in the fields and in the brisk-works.

In average, 18% of these pupils stop studying in CM2 for lack of means.

Epsilon has donated gowns to the pupils of this school, including:

  • 400 blue gowns
  • 250 red gowns
csr quality education

Training for the trainers of the CFP Ambohidratrimo

In order to improve the teaching quality which is among the priorities of the Ministry of Employment, of Technical Education and Professional Training (MEETFP); and their partners including UNESCO, the textile; clothing and trims sector of the CFP Ambohidratrimo has benefited a donation of sets of equipment: industrial machinery, cutting machines, overlock machines, flatlock machines, flat stitchers, specialized machines.

In response to the partnership request between Epsilon and the CFP, some trainers of this center benefited from a training within the factory in order to transmit the production method to the future learners, and also to outsource the internal training of Epsilon.

In return Epsilon enjoys a pipeline for qualified labors in the vicinity.

The collaboration between EPSILON and CFP implies that CFP is able to train students who will be immediately operational at the end of their training and thus avoid the shortage of competent and local manpower in the textile industry

csr clean water and sanitation
csr responsible consumption and production

Wastewater recycling system

  • Epsilon recycles wastewater by means of treatments: physico-chemical, biological, phytological.
  • Epsilon exploits an average of 30 m3 of water per day.
csr clean and affordable energy network

Use of a Wood-fired boiler

We use a wood-fired boiler that supplies green power, steam, supplied by fuel wood, a renewable energy source as well.

Supplement of fuel source in the boiler: paper wastes, wood and carton.

Paper, cardboard and cores are recovered by private individuals for recycling or reuse.

csr clean and affordable energy


  • Replacement of tube lamps in LED ones
  • Offer school kits  to employees with payment facility for all the staff of  Epsilon
rse reduced inequalities

Epsilon Charter: Discrimination

We, Epsilon and our stakeholders, discriminate neither in recruiting nor in the employment practice. Decision about hiring, salary, bonus, training opportunity, position changes, promotion,  disciplinary practice and dismissal are based on the employee’s capacity in accomplishing jobs and not on any other features or personal convictions like race, nationality, gender, religion, age, handicap, marital status, the fact of being parents, or member of an association or union, sexual or political orientation.

csr clean water and sanitation
csr responsible consumption and production

Waste treatment

    • Treated water reuse
    • Reuse of Plastic wastes (bags, strips, thread cones…)
    • Reuse of scraps of fabric
    • Reuse of papers and wood
    • Composting of the canteen waste and the  sludge from the waste water
    • Tissue scraps are recovered by : private individuals to make pillow fillings, a professional sewing training centre for the practice of apprentices, soon Somacou,  to manufacture a cover, under study for a "green" order, an NGO for its sewing workshop
    •  Sludge and ash: With waste from the boiler ash, sludge from the water treatment basin, paper, and coal powder, briquettes were made and used as fuel in the boiler and canteen. We are currently in the trial phase to test its efficiency
    • Cord waste : A partnership is being studied with a weaving workshop called "VINA" for the manufacture of decorative items
    • Lombricompost : A vermicomposting system has been put in place in order to recycle our organic waste (canteen and garden waste) in an ecological way.  The worms also eat carbonic materials such as paper, cardboard and sawdust. This reduces waste in the garbage and incineration operations
csr fight against climate change

Energy saving


  1. Use of steam to power some machines such as: autoclave – washing machines – irons – steam jacketed kettles ……
  2. Change of the lighting into LED tubes
  3. Reuse of treated water for: gardening – restroom cleaning – washing – supplying the fire house cabinet
  4. Investment in low energy consumption machinery
  5. Change "Ongoing study for the installation of solar panels" to "Waiting for the installation of solar panels in collaboration with TOTAL and GC Solar"
  6. Use of paper waste, carton, wood as energy source supplement to the boiler
  7. Add Offer of solar kit to the employees with the collaboration of the company SOLARLAND Metaplasco
  8. Use of economic stoves "MAMOTY" for the canteen
  9. Offer "Fatana Ketrika" for the employees, a product of the company BIONNER for a saving in cooking time and fuel consumption
csr earthly life
csr fight against climate change


A reforestation program based on the logic of the circular and solidarity economy.

4250 Eucalyptus planted

4250 pine trees

3080 fruit trees

Rental of field for reforestation in Bemasoandro

On the site of Bemasoandro with an area of 5ha26a40ca. The exploitation of the site started in 2014 for a period of 10 years. EPSILON is responsible for ensuring the beautification, the garnishing, the follow-up and the viability of at least 80% of the plants. The exploitation is done in accordance with standards and in respect of the environment.

Annual plant distribution to workers

Number of beneficiaries: 255 workers in 2016; 214 workers in 2017

2018: start of collaboration for reforestation on the Akamasoa field

csr earthly life
csr fight against climate change

Plants donation for the Antolojanahary site of the AKAMASOA Association

At the Akamasoa site, 1660 seedlings have been supplied weekly by Epsilon since 2018. Green class every Friday where the students do reforestation and supervision of those planted (clearing of bushes etc...)

csr earthly life

Promote and maintain biodiversity by developing beekeeping

In 15 years, 30% of bee colonies disappear …
In nature everything is linked

csr earthly life

Promote and preserve biodiversity by developing beekeeping

In 2018: Extraction of honey in the Australian hive. This new model of hive has a transparent wall allowing to check the level of honey contained in the hive without opening it. Pre-formed transparent plastic cells installed on the frames with a tap are capable of opening in half to allow harvesting. Once the bees are considered to have done their work, all that remains is to open a tap to allow the honey to flow. The handling of the frames is not without consequences for the bees (stress, crushing...) and this new method using a tap is gentler and less dangerous for the bees.

Of the 04 frames installed, production of 17 small pots of honey.

Number and types:

  • 13 malagasy beehives
  • 06 dadans hives
  • 03 kenyan hives
  • 02 Australian hives
csr earthly life
csr fight against climate change

Reforestation by the pupils of the EPF school of Ampandrianomby

The factory visit of the EPF « B » of Ampandrianomby was followed by a reforestation session on the ground of Epsilon. Each pupil brought 1 or 2 plants.

Other actions : Rice farming

A project of rice cultivation in the rice fields located at the bottom of the football field is in place to cover part of this need (consumption of 450kg of rice per day at Epsilon).

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