The LEAN production or one -piece flow of Epsilon has permitted the implementation of more than 66 lines of production each composed of an autonomous team of 20 workers in average. Each line of production produces one type of product.

The LEAN principle is to minimize the number of Work-in-progress (WIP) in order to obtain a short lead time.

The multi-functionality of our production lines, a real challenge for the company, responds to the reactivity expected by our clients while keeping an outstanding quality level. This multi-functionality associated with LEAN assures the quality and the respect of production deadlines. For the coming years, Epsilon will keep improving its production system and will extend the LEAN approach to every department. The implementation of the 5S project within the different departments will enable to go further in the optimization of the enterprise different processes while improving the working environment.

The forthcoming Green Belt of Epsilon will take part in the monitoring of these different projects.

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