Our actions CSR


Sport is a way of strengthening cohesion between our employees and ensuring their health and well-being. Our management is actively involved in this approach and is fully committed to improving employees' quality of life through sports events.

Every year, several Epsilon employees take part in the UTOP race and the ‘Marathon de Tana’ competition. We also organise in-house football and basketball tournaments to raise employee awareness of the importance of sport and teamwork. Epsilon is often represented in various inter-company sports competitions and has a fine record of success.


Reducing our carbon footprint is an important issue for Epsilon. Various actions have already been taken in this direction. Particular attention is being paid to converting to the use of green energy. We have already installed 800 KWp of solar panels and most of our internal logistics are carried out by electric vehicles.

In addition, our waste is recycled to produce fuel for the boilers and stoves in our canteens. Paper, cardboard and sludge from our wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) are mixed and processed to produce combustible briquettes.


Participating in community development is one of our organisation's social commitments. Education and employability are important strategic priorities for Epsilon. A partnership agreement has already been signed with a vocational training centre to enable apprentices to have a level of skills that is acceptable on the job market. We also offer work placements to these students and take on the best. Similarly, the company generally accepts requests to visit the plant for educational and training purposes.

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